Prescription Line

Prescription Line

To refill a prescription initiated through one of our providers, you can call the Church Street office at (770) 422-8505. A voice mail system is set up for after hours, just follow the directions given by the automated attendant. During office hours, a message will be taken by the receptionist.

Please have available:

  • your full name
  • your health plan if applicable
  • a phone number where you can be reached
  • your pharmacy’s phone number
  • the name of the medication you want refilled
  • the dosage if you know it
  • your next scheduled appointment

We will contact your pharmacy to refill your prescription within a maximum of 2 business days. If you need an earlier response, you will need to call during office hours and notify the receptionist. We will contact you if there is any question about the refill of your prescription. Otherwise, you may want to check with your pharmacy before going to pick up the prescription to make sure it has been called in. If there is any problem, this can be handled during office hours.

Please note that the after hours line is is only for prescriptions given by one of our providers. For new prescriptions or refills of other prescriptions, you may need to see one of our providers. In addition, some refills, such as birth control pills or hormones, may also require a visit.